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About enArka

enArka is founded with a mission to design, develop, manufacture & market, high-quality, intelligent and efficient power conversion products at affordable prices for industrial and commercial applications serving new, emerging and niche markets.

Efficient & intelligent power conversion is achieved through a careful choice of reliable topology/control method along with next generation semiconductor devices, cooling, magnetic and interconnect technologies. Affordable price is achieved through circuit modularity, component reuse and adhering to lean manufacturing principles. The products are engineered to meet global safety and environment compliance standards with appropriate certifications as necessitated by the markets.


Ramesh Srinivasan Ph.D (Principal Founder & Managing Director)

Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan brings more than two decades of experience working with global technology MNCs like Bloom Energy, TDK ….Lambda (New Jersey) and Kepco (New York)…. Ramesh had delivered two high-end Switch Mode Power Supply product lines in both Lambda and Kepco that are still in production.

He was a founder member of Bloom Energy Bangalore and served as General Manager Operations & Product Development. At Bloom, he built the team from scratch for its center-of-excellence in engineering, and delivered grid-tied power products up to 200kW in record time.Ramesh has travelled extensively in Asia and Mexico to build strategic business relationship with large corporate houses for critical parts development used within fuel Cell systems.

In Singapore, he championed the conversion of a 19-seater commercial bus to an Electric Vehicle that was propelled by a combination of lead-acid and zinc-air batteries. Dr. Ramesh is Principal Founder of “enArka India Private Limited” – a company that works in intelligent and efficient power electronics systems and solutions.

Ramesh holds a Ph.D. degree in Power Electronics from National University of Singapore and a Master of Engineering degree (Electrical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Ramesh has several International patents & publications to his credit.

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Lead the world in offering, efficient,

smart, reliable, and affordable

power conversion technologies.


Industrial Electronics that include railways, defense, aerospace, EMS
companies & labs (Power Conditioning System for Test & Measurement)
Alternate & Renewable Energy generation (power conversion solutions for
solar, fuel cells, & wind)
Automotive (power conversion solutions for Electric Vehicles)
Lead the world in offering, efficient, smart, reliable, and affordable
power conversion technologies.